For prevention of secondary caries especially for metal fillings and crowns


Cuprum metall. textur., acetone, dichlormethane, 2-propanol, glycerole and olyvinylpyrrolidone.

practice & effect:

For metal fillings and crowns Kavitätenspalt-Dichtungsmixtur uses the advantages of copper amalgam without whose disadvantages. The mixing liquid with activated metallic copper has to be applied directly on the cavity resp.

The crown stump before placing the filling. During a few weeks the activated copper transforms in basic copper compositions. Those are more voluminous, they act bactericide and they strongly tighten the filling.

Possibly generated edge fissures (marginal leakages) are permanently sealed bactericide. Kavitätenspalt-Dichtungsmixtur has been developed especially for metal fillings and crowns.

If a possibly formed dark margin does not disturb, it could be used for tooth coloured materials, too.

  • Reliable sealing of edge fissures (marginal leakages)
  • Especially for metal fillings and crowns
  • Optimized secondary caries prophylaxi
  • Reduces the mercury vapour of fresh amalgam fillings towards the dentine (DZZ 34/1979)
  • Quick and simple application

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