1st application solution: magnesia-fluoro-silicate, copper-II-fluoro-silicate, sodium fluoride (as stabilizer), distilled water.

2nd application solution: calciumhydroxide – highly dispersed, methylcellulose, distilled water.

practice & effect:

By applying the first application solution with a soaked cotton pellet or brush the texture of the dental enamel is layed open and the complex fluor- und copper-ions enter deep into the funnels of the dental enamel.

The second application solution also enters deep and causes immediately a reaction in the depth of the dental enamel.

Submicroscopic calciumfluorid of a size of 50 Å has filled the funnels of the loosened enamel homogeneously. There it acts for a long period secured against abrasion.

  • Reliable caries prophylaxis with depot-effect
  • long-term remineralization even at hardly reachable areas
  • White spots disappear
  • For mineral fissure sealing(ZMK 1-2/1999)

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