• Fast healing, even without antibiotics
  • Selective dissolving of the pocket epithelium with membrane generation
  • Secured antiseptic effect for all germs with long-term effect, even for anaerobians and funguses
  • Approved as broadband therapeutic agent without resistance developments



Calcium hydroxide – highly dispersed, copper(II) sulphate, calcium sulphate, copper(II) hydroxide, methylcellulose, distilled water.

Indication / purpose:

For root treatment with and without Depotphorese®. Even as temporary medicinal filling. For indirect pulp capping. For augmentative treatment of periodontal diseases.


Root treatment with and without Depotphorese®: Cupral® shall be inserted into the root canal with a lentulo. For Depotphorese®, Cupral® shall be brought with distilled water (Ph. Eur.; pharm. grade) in creamy consistence.

Indirect pulp capping: The paste shall be applied as a thin layer on the bottom of the cavity. Afterwards it could be dryed with a warm air dryer. The underfilling shall be layed thereover.

Rinsing with Cupral®: A Cupral® rinsing solution could be prepared by shaking up Cupral® paste in distilled water (Ph. Eur.; pharm. grade).

Treatment of periodontal diseases: Usually the Cupral® shall be applied with a spatula or directly with a syringe. In cases of significant pocket formation a soaked cotton thread could be inserted as well. Furthermore it is possible to tamponade the pockets with a small soaked sponge (laytime 20 min at max.) or the paste could be applied with a brush directly into the pocket.

Note: Under unfavourable conditions (i. e. smearing of cavity dentine) Cupral® may cause discolouring. After applying Cupral® the cavity shall be wiped generously with pure calciumhydroxide – highly dispersed.
In cases of front teeth it is recommended to mix one part of Cupral® with approx. nine parts of calcium hydroxide – highly dispersed for root treatment.

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