For degreasing and drying of cavities and crown stumps


Dichlormethane, copper-II-chloride, 2-propanol, acetone.

practice & effect:

The basis for a long-lasting conservation of a restauration is not only choosing and processing the optimum material, but also the thorough prearrangement. For a systematic cleaning after the preparation Kavitäten-Waschliquid is the means of choice.

Kavitäten-Waschliquid acts grease and humidity absorbing. Not only the rests of previous plastic fillings are removed safely, all grease and humidity rests from rinsing or drilling are removed, too.

  • Absorbs grease and humidity
  • Protects the dentin canals against impairing anaerobics
  • reliably removes rests of previous plastic fillings
  • Thereby it acts weak anaesthetic by cooling

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