For temporary applying crowns and lighter bridges. For sedating the pulp when irritated by preparation or by noxa.


Ternary calcium oxide calcium silicate calcium aluminate body, copper-II-chloride oxide, kaoline, magnesia-fluoro-silicate.

practice & effect:

Alkaline cement with copper doping combines the properties of calcium hydroxide with an antiseptic effect. Our alkaline cements are hardening slowly while forming calcium hydroxide. Due to the remaining low stiffness they are easy to remove again.
The alkaline calcium hydroxide milieu paralyzes initial inflammations and stimulates the entinogenesis. The permanent disinfection force of the copper ions remains after hardening.
The cement body builds a long-term barrier against bacteria.

  • For temporary applying crowns and light bridges
  • As sub-filling sedating the pulp
  • Free of eugenol
  • To mix with distilled water

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