• Pure calcium hydroxide paste
  • High active with an optimum pH > 12.6
  • Keeps its full activity even after opening the flask
  • Ready to use at once
  • Due to membrane generation it is harmless for uninfected tissue material


Calcium hydroxide – highly dispersed, methylcellulose, distilled water.

Indication / purpose:

For direct pulp capping, for root treatment especially of deciduous teeth, for quickly preparing a calcium hydroxide milk for rinsing root canals.



In order to realize the wanted characteristics (neutralization, germ reduction) the application shall be done in humid state.

Pulp capping:
The paste shall be brought on the bottom of the cavity. Afterwards it could be dried with a warm air dryer. The underfilling shall be laid above.

Root treatment with and without Depotphorese®&:
Calciumhydroxid-hochdispers shall be placed in the root canal with a lentulo. For Depotphorese®& Calciumhydroxid-hochdispers shall be brought in creamy consistency with distilled water.

Rinsing with calciumhydroxide:
A calciumhydroxide rinsing milk could be prepared by shaking up approx. 20 % paste in distilled water.



If water is separated Calciumhydroxid-hochdispers shall be homogenized by shortly stirring it with a stirring rod or metal spatula in the bottle.

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