For definite filling after each kind of root treatment.


Powder: ternary calcium oxide calcium silicate calcium aluminatebody, titan oxide, ceroxide, copper oxychloride.
Mixing liquid: calcium hydroxide – highly dispersed, methylcellulose, distilled water.

practice & effect:

Slow hardening calcium hydroxide cement of low stiffness. It shows the alkalinity of calcium hydroxide but also a signifi cantly higher and wide-ranging disinfection force caused by the copper ions of the atacamite, which are activating the bone apposition.
Bacteria show no resistance development.

Atacamit-Wurzelfüllzement supplies a bacteria-proof occlusion in the lower segment of the canal which is tight for bacteria of the oral cavity. In cases a pin insertion will be needed, the Atacamit-Wurzelfüllzement has to be removed in the area of the pin. With x-ray contrast. Easy to remove.

  • For definite filling after root treatment
  • vDecreases the risk of re-infection caused by edge fissures (marginal leakages)
  • Stimulates the bone apposition
  • Long-term compatibility with titanium component
  • X-ray opaque
  • Mixing liquid is supplied in the package

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